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200 Ton Mobile Crane Rental

Heavy lifting, machine moving and rigging.

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town

South Africa

Heavy Lifter

Maximum Lift

Maximum lift 220 ton. Counterweight configurations allow this versatile mobile crane to perform as a 100 ton to 220 ton mobile crane.

Jib Length

Maximum 68 metres below hook on all configurations. luffing jib extension up to 20m


Working Radius

Maximum working radius of the 200 ton mobile crane is 64 metres. See below for load chart.

200 ton mobile crane hire

Heavy lifter

The 200 ton mobile crane offers lifting capacities of up to 220 tons with up to 68m height below hook and 64m horizontal reach. Pricing includes slings and rigger, mobile crane operator and insurance unless expressly shown otherwise.

Tower crane erection | Mobile crane hire for wind farm erection | factory relocations | heavy lifting | tandem lifts and complex rigging | Highly experienced riggers | 200 Ton mobile crane hire


This is a 200 ton all terrain mobile crane. Steel construction projects, heavy transformer moves, large tree relocations and complex tandem lifts are all in a days work for the crew of the 200 ton mobile crane.

Pride in their work and a meticulous about safety is what makes the riggers and operators of this 200 ton all terrain mobile crane crew a formidable team

Committed to providing exceptional Lifting services, Safely and on budget.

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