Crane Truck Hire

Rear mount and Cab mount Crane truck hire

We have crane trucks that have cranes fitted behind the cab or rear mount crane trucks for more specific job applications. Each crane truck is fully equipped with slings and our drivers and riggers are second to none.

rear mount crane truck


Every crane truck is fully equipped with slings and an operator and in the event of a complex or very heavy lift a certified rigger or supervisor will accompany the crane truck to ensure that your lift goes ahead without any problems.

When submitting your request for a quote on Crane truck hire please include as much information as possible on the job required. The approximate date, location, transport required, weights and dimensions of the lifts and any other information that will assist us to calculate the correct crane truck for the job.

Our crane truck hire service is available throughout South Africa due to the size of our fleet which are positioned all over the country. We work predominantly in Johannesburg, Pretoria and their sorrounding areas but frequently provide crane truck hire services to other regions in South Africa.

The Demand for Crane Truck Hire in Johannesburg has increased to the extent that our fleet is extremely busy, with the 160 Ton Erkins in our fleet being in very high demand and booking is essential to ensure that the cranes are available.


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Erkin-160 crane truck        Erkin-160 front view  

erkin-160-ton-crane-truck-10-ton-lift        Erkin 160 - 10 ton lift roads project