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500 Ton Mobile Crane

Short term heavy lifting or contract work.

What We Offer


Heavy lifter

With a maximum capacity of 500 tons and 17 tons at a reach of 48m this heavy lifter gets the job done.


All terrain

This is a very versatile mobile crane with numerous configurations to offer a wide variety of lifts


Wind farms

This is an ideal heavy lifter to work on wind farm projects where heaight and reach are paramount. 

500 ton mobile crane hire

Heavy lifter

The 500 Ton mobile crane has worked extensively all over Africa on a variety of projects including Ports and Mines. Should you require heavy lifting assistance, we run a fleet of heavy lifters from 100 T to 500 Tons as well as smaller mobile cranes from 10 Tons and up.

In recent years the demand for heavy lifts in Africa has increased tremendously and as heavy lifting and rigging specialists, we have a solution for your lifting needs. Mobile crane hire is our business. We have mobile crane and lifting solution for any project.

Committed to providing exceptional Lifting services, Safely and on budget.

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+27 10 492 7371

+27 10 492 7371

    500 ton mobile crane

    Crane Hire SA

    Crane Trucks, Mobile Cranes, Heavy Lifting and Transport Services.

    At Crane Hire SA we get the job done on time and within budget.

    crane hire Services

    Crane Truck Hire

    From 8 Ton to 40 Ton Crane trucks for single lifts and long term contracts

    Mobile crane hire

    Heavy lifters up to 750 Ton mobile cranes. Wind farms, steel structures, heavy lifting.

    Cherry Picker hire

    Our fleet of cherry pickers include 24m booms on 4×4 trucks ideal for cable repairs and signage construction.

    Forklift Hire

    Forklifts available from 1.8 Ton to 7 Ton. Larger forklifts and 4 Ton Telehandlers are also available.

    Lowbed Transport

    Machine moving, Lift and transport solutions for all of your factory move requirements.

    big or small we lift it all

    Crane Hire Services – Crane trucks, mobile cranes, Spider crane and rigging specialists. There is no job too big or too small for us. Our cranes work predominantly in Johannesburg but are available for work anywhere in South Africa with supply yards located in Boksburg, Pretoria, Alrode and Cape Town. Crane Hire SA offer long term crane truck and mobile crane hire, complex Industrial crane hire services and factory relocation’s as well as short term and one off rigging and heavy lifting services.

    Our expanded fleet also includes Container sidelifters, Telehandlers, Cherry pickers and Forklift hire which are available for both short term and long term rental.

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    crane truck hire south africa

    Crane trucks

    Crane trucks from 5 Ton to 40 Ton including all terrain, 4x4 crane trucks and rough terrain crane trucks. Our diverse range of Cranes and crane truck allow us to price our cranes well.

    mobile crane

    Mobile cranes

    Our mobile crane fleet and very experienced operators and red ticket riggers have seen us deliver on some of Africa's most demanding projects and sites.

    cherry picker hire

    Telehandlers & Cherry Pickers

    Our fleet of Telehandlers and Cherry pickers include up to 20m cherry pickers and 17m 4.5 Ton Telehandlers.

    6 ton spider crane

    Spider cranes

    We offer 3 Ton and 6 Ton spider mini cranes along with riggers, operators and our prices include establishment costs both ways. Hire a spider crane from us.

    forklift hire

    Forklift Hire

    Our Foklift fleet includes 1.8 Ton, 3 Ton and 7 Ton forklifts which are available for both short and long term hire. Forklifts can be hired with or without drivers.

    rigging teams

    Specialist Rigging

    Certified, experienced riggers along with the right equipment and resources for the job. Machinery moving and rigging are core to our business and it's success.

    abnormal load transport

    Abnormal loads

    We transport it all! from aircraft and large trees to Engineering and mining equipment. Our Experienced and commitment red ticket riggers get it done.


    Container moving

    We move containers on  a daily basis from 6 to 12m containers as well as abnormal specially constructed containers.  Site office moves, food container moves and more.

    4 x 4 Crane Truck hire

    Our fleet of 4 x 4 crane trucks and 4 x 6 crane trucks were specially manufactured for pipeline contracts and Power line stringing but have a multitude of uses in rough terrains.

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