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010 492 7371 | 076 422 5456

Crane hire South Africa


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Crane Hire

Crane Trucks, mobile crane, Spider crane and rigging specialists. There is no job too big or too small for us. Our cranes work predominantly in Johannesburg but are available for work anywhere in South Africa and Africa with yards located in Boksburg and Alrode, offering long term crane truck/mobile crane hire, complex Industrial crane hire services and factory relocation’s as well as short term and one off rigging and heavy lifting services.

crane truck hire south africa

Crane trucks

Crane trucks from 5 Ton to 40 Ton including all terrain, 4×4 crane trucks and rough terrain crane trucks. Our diverse range of Cranes and crane trucks set us apart from the rest.

mobile crane

Mobile cranes

Our mobile crane fleet and very experienced operators and red ticket riggers have seen us deliver on some of Africa’s most demanding projects and sites.

offloading with mobile crane

Heavy lifting

Large machinery and rigging expertise from over 37 years of heavy lifting experience makes us your heavy lifting company of choice. No job is too big for Crane hire South Africa.

6 ton spider crane

Spider cranes

We offer 3 Ton and 6 Ton spider cranes along with riggers, operators and our prices include establishment costs both ways. Hire a spider crane from us.

rigging teams

Specialist Rigging

Certified, experienced riggers along with the right equipment and resources for the job. Machinery moving and rigging are core to our business and it’s success.

abnormal load transport

Abnormal loads

We transport it all! from aircraft and large trees to Engineering and mining equipment. Our Experienced and commitment red ticket riggers get it done.

container side lifter

Container Sidelifter

Crane Hire South Africa

Container transport

Lifting and transporting container using a sidelifter container lift truck saves time and money, simple as that. Our container sidfelifters is ready to work anywhere in South Africa, East AdFrtica or West Africa. The capacity is 36 Tons, Reach is 3.9 meters and can also be used to stack containers. (2 x 6m or 1 x 12m container/truck)

Ideal operation for multiple container loading in ralway yards, ports, yards with multiple containers that need to be moved around, constructions sites or any other lift and transport requirement. Read more about our sidelifters and get a Container Sidelifter quote >>


010 492 7371 | 076 422 5456

4x4 crane truck

Crane Trucks & Rigging

We offer lifting solutions from a fleet of specialist spider cranes, 8 ton to 220 ton mobile cranes and crane trucks and 4×4 crane trucks, along with specialist rigging services to deal with any heavy lifting or relocation requirements. Our rigging services are often seen erecting Tower cranes or lifting large boilers, assembling plants or moving processing equipment into place. Certain jobs require the use of electric rigging cranes which are also available. Our fleet is accessible country wide.

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tandem lift

Heavy Lifting Division

We are able to offer heavy lifting and highly technical lift capacities utilizing Mobile Cranes up to 750 Ton and specialist lifting equipment with heights of 140m, as well as Jacks up to 1000 Tons . Highly experienced rigging teams are available for your most complex and heavy duty lifts. Our management team is small and efficient resulting in very fast turn around times. If you need an urgent Crane Hire Quote, complete the Crane Hire Quote request form and we will provide you with a quote immediately.

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steel structure assembly

Plant Relocation Division

Our factory and plant relocation services has developed into one of the leading machine moving business in South Africa, having moved some of South Africa’s largest factories. Factory relocation services often require very skilled riggers and fitting crews to operate in confined spaces, moving very heavy machinery. The diversity of the fleet of crane trucks, 4rx4 crane trucks, mobile cranes and specialist cranes at our disposal enables us to move and relocate any factory or facility anywhere in South Africa.

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Crane Hire South Africa

We take care of your lifting and transport needs

We were presented with a particularly difficult problem which involved trimming, lifting, moving and placing a 20 Ton leadwood tree into the center of a building which was on top of a 100m high kopje. With the use of our 210T Erkin Knuckle Boom and various other pieces of heavy machinary, we successfully Trimmed, lifted and transported the tree with a lowbed from it’s original location about 30km away and then placed the tree without any damage. The instruction was that the tree is a piece of art and is not to be damaged.

Do you have a complex lift that needs crane hire, rigging crews and heavy machinary? We are your solution



010 492 7371 | 076 422 5456