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Frequently asked questions

What size crane do I need?

The size of the crane needed is determined by the weight of the item being lifted, the reach of the boom to the center of the item being lifted and the height it is being lifted. Each of our mobile cranes shown on this website, eg. The 200 Ton mobile crane, have a set of Load charts to help you determine the size crane you need.

View the full article on determining the size of crane required for a lift

Other factors may include the terrain, access for a truck/crane and the type of item being lifted. It is best to send your inquiry indicating the location of the item, the weight and reach required so that the rigger who receives the inquiry has a good idea before he/she makes contact with you.

The item to be lifted is on soft ground, can a crane still be used?

For the most part, a stable and hard terrain is required. In most cases a combination of support mats, outriggers and pads can be used to stabilise the crane before lifting but a site survey should be done if there is any doubt and before a crane is sent.

Does the price include fuel and personnel to operate the crane?
Mobile cranes, rigging cranes or crane trucks used on single lifts or short periods less than a week are usually supplied including the cost of diesel. Longer term rentals are often hired without diesel on a “dry rate” basis.

All cranes are rented including slings and riggers where required. In very exceptional circumstances our partners may allow a certified operator from your company to operate the crane but this is of course problematic from an insurance perspective and not recommended.

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When do I start paying for the crane?

If the distance to the site is extremely far (cross border or another province) an establishment cost will be quoted seperately to get the crane to site.

If this is not specifically specified in the terms and conditions, the hire would typically start at the time the crane leaves the yard en-route to your site.

Does the crane hire rate include insurance?

Please be sure to read the quotation carefully and to ask the question regarding insurance oif it is not clear in the quotation. Generally, the company hiring out the crane will provide insurance at the cost of 20% of the daily hire rate.

What are the crane operators normal working hours?

Crane operators will conform to the sites working policy. Crane operators generally work either 8 or 10 hour shifts depending on the job and site access. Typically, a crane truck operator would would work from 7am to 5pm with a break for lunch and tea.

In cases where traffic is a consideration, shut down times etc are a consideration, the operators would work at any time of day. 

The focus of all operators is to get the job done safely and on time.

Can your cranes work 24 hour shifts?

Yes, we frequently operate on 24 hour shifts. This would require 3 operators, each doing an 8 hour shift.

In some cases operators will work 12 hour shifts. Safety is the prime consideration when extended working hours are concerned.

What are crane hire overtime rates?

Our rates are typically 1.5 x after 5pm and 2 x on Sundays but this is all negotiable dependent on the length of the hire/client.

Always remember to check your terms and conditions of the contract. This will detail exactly what the overtime rates will be.

Can we hire a crane or equipment without the operator?

In a very small number of cases, we will hire out equipment without our own operator and it would be to companies we know and have worked with before.

There are various insurance, maintenance and operational considerations to hiring out equipment without an operator.

Are you able to do a factory relocation?

Yes, we have highly experienced riggers, some that carry the “red seal rigger” certification.

We are able to work with your engineers to completely dismantle any plant or equipment into economical, transportable sections.

We can then transport the pieces and re-assmble at the new site working directly with your engineers. We also dismantle and erect any steel structures that need to be moved.

Our dedicated steel structure rigging and transport teams are equipped and ready to give you a quote for your job.

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