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Crane Hire & Rigging services Cape Town, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape

Crane Trucks, Mobile Cranes, Spider Cranes

Heavy Lifting and Transport Services.

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Crane Truck Hire

From 8 Ton to 40 Ton Crane trucks, rear or cab mount for single lifts and long term contracts.

Forklift Hire

Forklift rental from 1.8 Ton to 12 Ton for long or short term rentals. Container moving and transport is a speciality of ours.

Lowbed Transport

Machine moving, Lift and transport solutions for all of your factory move requirements.

Machine moving & Rigging

Highly experienced rigging teams are ready for your most complex lifts and rigging requirements.

Mobile crane hire

All terrain mobile cranes, rough terrain and up to 210 Ton knuckle boom mobile cranes. Wind farms, steel structures, heavy lifting.

Crane Hire & Rigging Cape Town

Crane hire Cape town rigging division is located in Paarden Eiland, conveniently situated for easy access to all of Cape Town’s major Industrial areas and of course the Port.

We offer a range of services to Cape Town including crane truck hire, mobile cranes rigging services and forklift hire, as well as transport and abnormal loads.


Crane truck hire

We have crane trucks for hire on a short term or long term basis. 8 ton crane trucks to 40 ton crane trucks are available to lift and transport at short notice.


Mobile crane hire

We offer a comprehensive range of mobile cranes up to 40 Ton mobile crane, 60 Ton mobile crane, 80 Ton mobile crane, 100 Ton mobile crane, 120 Ton mobile crane, 160 Ton mobile crane and 200 Ton mobile crane.



Our qualified, experience and certified rigging teams provide peace of mind for any lift be it a simple lift or a heavy lift. Our riggers have mining, construction, road building, bridge building, pipe laying, city centre lifting and cross border experience. An experience rigger is invaluable on a complex job.


Steel structure erection

With a fleet of cranes, trucks, foklifts, lifting equipment and certified, experienced riggers, we are well positioned to erect any steel structure.


If you are looking for Crane hire Cape town, look no further, we are here to help you with all of your crane hire Cape Town needs. Crane hire South Africa is your one stop site for all of your crane hire Cape Town requirements.

Crane hire Cape Town

crane hire cape town

Our mobile crane, crane truck and rigging divisions in Cape Town has the ability to handle any type of job from crane trucks to transport containers or crane truck hire for contract work, to heaving lifting and rigging services with highly experienced red ticket riggers.

Mobile Cranes and crane trucks are available for short or long term rental.

Forklifts & Telehandlers

forklift hire cape town

Our forklift hire in Cape Town includes a wide range of forklifts for hire including forklifts from 2 Ton to 16 Ton as well as telescopic forklift hire. The forklifts in our fleet are available on both a long and short term basis and include LPG, electric or diesel forklifts for hire.

For forklift or telehandler hire in Cape Town, contact our dedicated team now!

Transport services

flatbed hire cape town

Our range of trailers includes flatbeds in Cape Town are from 6m to 18m with all tonnages catered for, including assisted abnormal loads. We are able to advise on all aspects of transportation, from permits to logistics and cross border transport arrangements.

Hire a lowbed in Cape Town and the related lifting equipment from a turnkey operator.

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