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Spider Crane Hire

Spider mini cranes on tracks or wheels.

3 Ton and 6 Ton Spider Mini Cranes

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town

South Africa

What We Offer

6 Ton Spider crane

12m working radius, narrow and ideal for lifting ATM machines inside shopping centers.

3 Ton Spider Crane

Moswt often used in maintenance projects inside warehouses and factories to reach difficult areas and electrical or ducting installations.

Spider Mini crane hire

Spider Mini Cranes includes 3 ton and 6 ton spider cranes. These are very vesatile crawler cranes that are suitable for working in confined spaces or working on slabs at height to lift materials.

These mini crawler cranes are often seen lifting ATM machines into place in shopping centres or placing items that require precision placement in factories, offices and shopping centre’s around South Africa.

If you have space limitations or require precision placement, let our highly skilled operators work their magic.

Mining:  Mini spider crawler cranes are ideal and often seen in underground mining due to their low profile, extreme traction capabilities and easy operation both onboard and remote controlled.

Construction: Construction sites benefit by having a low profile crane with excellent lifting capabilities that can be hoisted onto a slab and work in confined spaces. Often used to lift items from below.


Certified Operator/Rigger


Certified Slings




Equipment Insurance


Public Liability Insurance

Rigging: Precision placement of items is where  a spider mini crane really comes into it’s own. The operator is able to stand alongside the item being lifted, using the remote control. This allows the operator to ensure that the item is placed precisely where it is required.

Committed to providing exceptional Lifting services, Safely and on budget.

Construction site

A Spider Mini Crane working on a slab of a multi story building lifting materials.

Shopping Centres

Spider cranes lifting escelators into place. Tandem lifts are often required.

Confined spaces

Spider cranes are lifted or lowered into place be it above ground or below ground.

Precision lifts

Our highly experienced operators make precision placements look easy.

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