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As a leading Machinery Moving and rigging company, we offer a complete range of Rigging equipment suitable for any machinery move up to 1000 Tons. Our range of rigging equipment includes cranes, trucks, self propelled trailers, forklifts, jacks, hydraulic lifts, specialized rigging equipement and all electric Ormigs capable of lifting and transporting 30 Ton items in a single movement. Machinery Moving and Rigging is our business, contact us.

Plant and Machinery Movers

Complete machine dismantling, container packing and container lifting, packing, transporting, heavy lifting and complete factory or plant installation. Our Red ticket riggers and engineering teams ensure that your plant is asembled and ready for operation on time. We are very proud of our reputaion as expert Machinery Movers. We have the capacity to move machinery up to 1000 Tons and beyond.

All Electric Rigging Equipment

Certain environments require zero emissions and our fleet of electric rigging equipment is ideal for these environments. Quiet, zero emissions with the capability of lifting and transporting with a single machine. Individually the Ormigs can lift up to 30 Tons but tandem, a lot more. Contact us for an emission free rigging solution. Machinery moving using all electric rigging equipment, is fast, efficient and reduces any down time.

Jacks and Hydraulic Lifts

A Range of jack and slide systems, Hydraulic lifts with capacities of over 1000 Tons, Self climbing Jacks and Strand Jacks. We have a heavy lifting and machinery moving solution for all plant types.

GTK 1100 Heavy Lifter

The GTK 1100 is the ideal piece of rigging equipment for wind farm construction, where complete turbines can be constructed in very short spaces of time. The GTK 1100 is a 440 Ton Grove atop an 80m tower giving it a total lifting height of 160m, Read more about the GTK 1100 >>


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