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4×4 Crane truck

We operate a fleet of 4×4 crane trucks for hire that are ideal for the tough South African bush and desert like areas of the Northern Cape. Our 4×4 Crane trucks are commonly used on pipeline contracts and power line slinging contracts around South Africa and our neghbouring contries.

Each 4×4 crane truck has either a 12 Ton/m or a 20 Ton/m crane and is driven and operated by highly experienced riggers and drivers familair with rough terrain operation.

4×4 Crane Truck hire

Working on power liner contracts or pipeline contracts takes a very special and dedicated team for a flawless installation. Our riggers and drivers have been operating in the harsh South African bush for decades and are known for their skill.

If you are in need of a 4×4 crane truck, be it for a short term mining project, a long term pipeline contract or to accompany any of our power line slinging trucks, Crane hire South Africa are your 4×4 crane truck hire providers of choice.

All of our 4×4 crane truck hire quotes, unless expressly noted otherwise include the following:

  • Certified Operator/Rigger
  • Certifed Slings
  • Diesel
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Public liability Insurance

Crane truck hire Johannesburg

Working in the Bush

No matter the job, we get your lift and transport done right.

4X4 Crane trucks

Fleet of 4×4 crane trucks and rough terrain crane trucks commonly used on pipelines

Pipeline transport

Specialised pipe carriers waiting to be offloaded by our 4×4 crane trucks

Completed pipeline

Experienced pipe laying and transport contractors in South Africa 

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