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4×4 crane truck hire

Teams that operate in rough terrain and remote areas.

Fleet of 4×4 Crane trucks to service the pipeline and Power line industries.

What We Offer

Pipe laying

Pipe laying contracts are a speciality. Transport, storing and rigging of pipelines.

Power Line slinging

The very nature of the terrain where power lines are slung require specialist vehicles and personnel. Contact us.


Variety of equipment

If the job requires extendable trailers, 24m high cherrypickers or heavy rigging equipment and pipe stackers, we can help.

4×4 crane trucks

4×4 crane truck hire

Working on power liner contracts or pipeline contracts takes a very special and dedicated team for a flawless installation. These teams riggers and drivers have been operating in the harsh South African bush for decades and are well known for their skill and dedication to completing contracts on time.

If you are in need of a 4×4 crane truck, be it for a short term mining project, a long term pipeline contract or to accompany any of our power line slinging trucks, Crane hire South Africa are your 4×4 crane truck hire providers of choice.


Certified Operator/Rigger


Certified Slings


Wet or dry rates


Equipment Insurance


Public Liability Insurance

4×4 Crane truck fleet

The fleet of 4×4 crane trucks and 6×4 Crane Trucks are ideal for the tough South African bush and desert like areas of the Northern Cape. The 6×4 and 4×4 Crane trucks are commonly used on pipeline contracts and power line slinging contracts around South Africa and our neghbouring contries.

Each 4×4 crane truck has either a 12 Ton/m or a 20 Ton/m crane and is driven and operated by highly experienced riggers and drivers familiar with rough terrain and remote operation conditions.


The provision of transport, lifting and inspection equipment to some of South Africa’s remote and harsh environments is part of what we do. No terrain is too harsh for our dedicatyed teams of drivers, operators and riggers. To find the crane hire company in Johannesburg, that provides safe, reliable and reasonably priced services, look no further .

Committed to providing exceptional Lifting services, Safely and on budget.

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