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Container transport

Utilizing Container sidelifters, crane trucks and lowbeds, we have a container, lift, stack and transport solution for you.

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town

South Africa

What We Offer


Container Transport

Transport of 6m, 12m and abnormal loads within South Africa.


Lift, stack and move containers up to a maximum weight of 36 Tons. Fast, efficient, competitive.

Stuffing | De-stuffing

We offer a wide variety of rigging and transport equipment handled by qualified riggers to provide a complete container service.

Container Solutions

Crane Hire SA location and proximity to Johannesburg’s major freeways, the city and container storage yards, make us the container Moving and transporter of choice in Johannesburg. Crane Hire SA’s fleet of container trucks is routinely seen on the freeways around Johannesburg transporting 6m and 12m containers of varying uses and weights to sites all over South Africa

Crane Hire SA, with our fleet of forklifts, sidelifters and crane trucks can assist with the moving of 6 or 12 meter containers as well as the stuffing and de-stuffing of containers. We are also experienced in the moving of office use containers, shop containers, hair salon containers, food service containers and refrigerated containers.

Situated in Germiston, Boksburg and Pretoria North, close to all major freeways, we are able to receive containers at our yard for stuffing or de-stuffing for further distribution to clients nationwide. If you are searching for container movers near you, we are close enough to help.

Crane Hire SA is your logistics partner to ensure that your shipment is distributed to its final intended destination in pristine condition and in the most cost effective way.

Container transport companies in Johannesburg often turn to Crane Hire SA and transport services to assist with cranes, transport and delivery of containers collected from sites around the country for delivery to destinations around South Africa.

Crane Hire SA container transport is highly experienced, having lifted extremely heavy containers like ATM containers using tandem lifts to ensure the container and it’s contents are loaded, transported and delivered undamaged and on time.

If you need containers lifted and transported, request a quote from Crane Hire SA.

Sidelifter – Container Lift and Transport

The most cost effective container lifting and transport solutions are to use a sidelifter. These are highly efficient machines designed specifically for the lifting, stacking, moving and transport of containers.

Containerized transport

If you have tanks, container classroms or Earth Movers packed into containers that need a fast, efficient method of lifting and transporting containers, we have the solution for you that is the most cost effective.

Sidelifter capacity

Container Sidelifters can lift and transport 6m or 12m containers that weigh up to 36 Tons. (Heavier containers and abnormal sizes/weights can be catered for in our craning and transport division)

Reach: 3.9m

Load capacity: 1 x 12m containert or 2 x 6m containers

Maximum Lift: 36 Tons

Fast, Stable operation: Proportional control system allows operator to place the stabiliser and the container with precision.

Making use of a sidelifter for container pickup and transport can make a big difference to your moving and stacking costs when using a side lifter.

Our riggers will be able to advise the best solution for your container lift, transport and offload requirements.

From collection location, to route selection and offload location requirements, we will advise on a cost effective solution for you.

Johannesburg and Cape Town container transport solutions.

Committed to providing exceptional Lifting services, Safely and on budget.

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