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Sidefilter – Container Lift and Transport

The most cost effective container lifting and transpoprt solutions are to use a sidelifter. These are highly efficient machines designed specifically for the lifting, moving and transport of containers.

Containerized transport

If you have tanks, container classroms or Earth Movers packed into containers that need a fast, efficient method of lifting and transporting containers, we have the solution for you that is the most cost effective.

Sidelifter capacity

Sidelifter can lift and transport 6m or 12m containers that weigh up to 36 Tons. (Heavier containers can be catered for in our craning and transport division)

Reach: 3.9m

Load capacity: 1 x 12m containert or 2 x 6m containers

Maximum Lift: 36 Tons

Fast, Stable operation: Proportional control system allows operator to place the stabiliser and the container with precision


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