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160 Ton and 210 Ton Rigging Cranes

Mounted on a standard 8×4 truck, we offer heavy lifting capacity on short notice. There is no need for Lowbed transport or lengthy site establishment, our 160 t/m or 210 t/m crane truck offers a unparalleled versatility, is suitable for most sites and can be driven straight from yard to site, lowering site establishment costs significantly.

A unique benefit of the Erkin 160 Ton or 210 Ton is the 23 ton winch which can be coupled to a hook at the end of the boom.

Each crane is accompanied by a rigging team and contains all the certification necessary for the most complex lifting and rigging jobs.

Crane Trucks

Our fleet of crane trucks include a fleet from 8 Ton to 40 Ton crane trucks for fast lifting and transport solutions. These are ideal on sites where items up to 40 Tons need to lifted and moved between points on the same site or across sites. These trucks are often used on pipe laying contracts to offload the trucks and lay the pipes into prepared trenches.

Lifting and transporting concrete road barriers and the servicing high light masts up to 35m are jobs suited to our vehicles.

Container Handling

Wether you need an empty container moved from point A to point B or you need your containers packed/unpacked and the constents transported, we are your container services company of choice. We have yards very close to OR Tambo and The Port in Cape Town to service any container handling requirements.

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